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Un loc gol

Ieri a murit in Romania un om de 29 de ani. Ar fi avut nevoie de transplant pulmonar, a strins singur vreo 200.000 de euro, dar a fost refuzat de clinicile din Europa. Asta pentru ca Romania a ales sa nu participe la Eurotransplant, ca de acolo le ies bani lui Vlad Voiculescu si lui Ciolos. A asteptat doi ani sa fie salvat. In timpul asta, in sesiune extraordinara, parlamentul dezincrimineaza infractiunea pentru care Dragnea a fost condamnat cu doua saptamini in urma. Sint inundatii in tara (cu victime), ca nu-si mai bate nimeni capul cu lucrari hidrografice, dar prioritatea parlamentarilor e un infractor recidivist. Au mai fost si saptamina trecuta alte modificari la Codul Penal, toate in favoarea infractorilor si lovind in victime. Si alesii, dar si multi romani vor dormi linistiti: nu-i vor impresiona nici moartea acelui om, nici drama victimelor fortate sa depuna marturie in prezenta agresorior. Ai mei imi spun des cit de frumos e in Romania, cum s-au schimbat lucrurile in bine. Propaganda a invins. E bine.

Mai e vreo speranta? Nu stiu, optimist n-am fost niciodata. Iar de scris, am scris frazele astea pentru a avea un nou spatiu de discutie, daca mai vreti sa vorbiti.

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De toamna

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This is water

Here is just one example of the total wrongness of something I tend to be automatically sure of: everything in my own immediate experience supports my deep belief that I am the absolute centre of the universe; the realest, most vivid and important person in existence. We rarely think about this sort of natural, basic self-centredness because it’s so socially repulsive. But it’s pretty much the same for all of us. It is our default setting, hard-wired into our boards at birth. Think about it: there is no experience you have had that you are not the absolute centre of. The world as you experience it is there in front of YOU or behind YOU, to the left or right of YOU, on YOUR TV or YOUR monitor. And so on. Other people’s thoughts and feelings have to be communicated to you somehow, but your own are so immediate, urgent, real.

But most days, if you’re aware enough to give yourself a choice, you can choose to look differently at this fat, dead-eyed, over-made-up lady who just screamed at her kid in the checkout line. Maybe she’s not usually like this. Maybe she’s been up three straight nights holding the hand of a husband who is dying of bone cancer. Or maybe this very lady is the low-wage clerk at the motor vehicle department, who just yesterday helped your spouse resolve a horrific, infuriating, red-tape problem through some small act of bureaucratic kindness. Of course, none of this is likely, but it’s also not impossible. It just depends what you want to consider. If you’re automatically sure that you know what reality is, and you are operating on your default setting, then you, like me, probably won’t consider possibilities that aren’t annoying and miserable. But if you really learn how to pay attention, then you will know there are other options. It will actually be within your power to experience a crowded, hot, slow, consumer-hell type situation as not only meaningful, but sacred, on fire with the same force that made the stars: love, fellowship, the mystical oneness of all things deep down.

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De pe coclauri

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